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Weddings & Events

Looking for a Florist in Las Vegas to plan your wedding,
social gathering or corporate event? Look no more!

Whatever the occasion few things speak more eloquently than a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 
Creating high-end floral designs with strong aseptic appeal is what we do best. 
Our design team is excited to customize your selections by floral product, color, design style and more.

Whether for an intimate affair or a grand event,
VIP Floral Designs will plan and create an atmosphere
that is all you’ve ever envisioned.





Planning the flowers for your event over the phone

The first step in planning the flowers for your event is to give one of our Special Services Representatives a call at 702-873-8731 everyone on our florist team is skilled and ready to discuss your upcoming event with you.  Our florist event planners will be ready to review sizing, colors and budget for you event; from there we will be able to give you some creative ideas and get an idea of what you are looking for when planning your event.

Planning the flowers for your event in person

The first step in planning the flowers for your event in person is to set up a private consultation with our Floral Designer.  After your first meeting, we will have a better feel of what you are looking for in terms of the flowers for your event.  At that point, we will plan and design a sample floral centerpiece for your approval.  This piece can be altered and adjusted until it’s exactly what you’ve imagined. This will help you get an idea of what the final event will look like.  At VIP Floral Designs Florist, custom service and quality of our floral and event planning comes first.  There is nothing we can’t do for your when in comes to planning the flowers for your event.   We can even visit your ceremony and reception space prior to ensure each area has been address and will look up to par on the special day. 

Helpful Hints for Your First Floral Consultation

When planning your event whether you are on the phone or are coming into one of our flower shop locations for a consultation here are some suggests; of course, you can come in for your first consultation without any of these details, but these will help the event planning process.

  • Do you know the location of the event?
  • Time and date of the event?
  • Is there a theme? Colors you have in mind?
  • Size of your event?
  • If you are looking for floral centerpieces:
  • How many tables will there be?
  • How large are the tables?
  • Are they square or circle?
  • Having a budget for your event  in mind is always helpful
  • Bring magazine clippings of things you
    like or photo’s from past events you have attended,
    if you have something very specific in mind may help as well.

     Set up and Delivery of Flowers for your event

Planning and ordering the flowers for a large or small event can be challenging, however, the day of the event is just as important as the planning.  We will have a team of Florist event planners come to help set up for your event.  We want to make sure each fresh floral arrangement looks amazing and every element is perfectly in place for the event.

We’re truly looking forward to working with you to make the event you envisioned a reality.  Please give us a call today at 702-873-8731 to set up your free consultation or send us an email at 

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